Monthly Specials 2017

Valantines 14th February

February 6th – March 6th

Coer Neufchatel 200gm (Love Heart Shape) £3.39each

Tain Truckle Cheddar 1kg & 250gm £11.49/kg

White Mature Cheddar 5kg Minstrel £4.99/kg

Cheddar White Mature Slice (50x20gm) 1kg £6.50each

Goat Log 100% 1kg 2 for £14.00

Butter 40 x 250gm Unsalted Meadowchurn £47 per case

Butter 40 x 250gm Slightly Salted Meadowchurn £45 per case

Paterson Arran Chutney Spicy Pear 2.5kg £11.40each

Peters Yard Artisan Crispbreads

Mini Size 105gm Original 114 £1.70each

Seeded Wholegrain 105gm 125 Small Box £1.70each

Goose Fat 6 x 160gm £11.99 per case

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